Conference Information

The Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference is an annual migratory conference that is student hosted and attended from institutions located in the Midwestern United States.  The conference supplies an excellent opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to present data in a regional setting, and to be able to network with other students from nearby universities.  The conference also presents an excellent opportunity to practice speaking in a low pressure atmosphere compared to large, national conferences, and is more easily accessible for universities without funding for travel to large conferences.


Both oral and poster presentations will be scheduled over two days in addition to plenary speakers.  There will also be a banquet dinner on Saturday evening, which will give an opportunity to socialize with other students from nearby universities, as well as with the plenary speakers.

Specific schedule of presentations will be released closer to the conference.


5 thoughts on “Conference Information

  1. Rachel Wiltshire

    I am a first year PhD student with a focus on the biology and behavior of Anopheles mosquitoes in the Solomon Islands. My background, however, is in tropical medicine so I have no ecology or genetics training bar a crash course in molecular biology last semester. I am currently taking an EEFG course to get familiar with the field (as I anticipate my research will lead me here) and would like to be more involved with conferences like these. I am unable to present, however, as I have no data yet. Is registration dependent on submission of a poster or presentation?

    1. meec2013 Post author

      Hi Irene,

      Faculty are more than welcome to attend! We do not allow faculty presentations, but if you would like to observe your students or just come to learn what Midwestern grad students are up to I encourage you to register!


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