Plenary speakers

Sponsored by the John A. Lynch lecture series

We are pleased to announce our plenary speakers for MEEC 2013 will be Drs. Mike Vanni from Miami University (OH), and Rowan Barrett from Harvard University.  Both speakers are sponsored by the John A. Lynch lecture series!

Dr. Vanni is a professor at Miami University (Ohio) in the department of Zoology and in the Graduate Program in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology. He uses a variety of techniques from whole ecosystem studies to laboratory experiments to simulation modeling to examine questions in aquatic ecology relating to food webs, nutrient and carbon cycling, and watershed-lake interactions. His current research focuses on the role of animals in nutrient cycling, including variation among species using ecological stoichiometry and metabolic ecology as conceptual frameworks; how the importance of animal-mediated nutrient cycling varies among biomes; and how animals can function as nutrient sources or sinks. Another aspect of this research examines how the role of fish in nutrient cycling varies over temporal scales and among lakes with contrasting watershed land use.

Rowan Barrett is an NSERC Banting fellow at the Department of
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University. His work is
motivated by a desire to understand the genetic basis of adaptation to
changing environments. His research bridges theoretical and empirical
approaches in population genetics, evolutionary ecology, and molecular
biology to ask questions about the reciprocal interactions between
ecological and evolutionary processes. He has pursued this research
program with a variety of key study systems, including stickleback
fish, deer mice, and microbes.
To learn more about each speaker please visit their respective web pages.  Dr. Vanni’s page can be found here, and Dr. Barrett’s can be found here.



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